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Click to Career Project (C2C) is a Learning Partnership funded by the European Commission through Grundtvig Programme. This project will run for two years (2013-2015) and comprise 8 European organisations:

Fundatia Casa Cartii Valcea - Romania, coordinator

Euroform RFS - Italy

School of Adults Consumer - Cyprus

Berlink ETN GmbH - Germany

Alfa idejos ir technologijos- Lithuania

Help Udruga za Pomoć Mladima Split - Croatia

Second Chance School of Agrinio - Greece

Training Vision Ltd – United Kingdom


The Grundtvig programme focuses on the teaching and study needs of learners taking adult education and ‘alternative’ education courses, as well as the organisations delivering these services. It aims to help develop the adult education sector, as well as enable more people to undertake learning experiences, notably in other European countries.

Grundtvig aims to provide adults with more ways to improve their knowledge and skills, facilitate their personal development and boost their employment prospects. It also helps to tackle problems associated with Europe’s ageing population.

It covers not only teachers, trainers, staff and organisations working in the sector, but also learners in adult education. The programme funds a range of activities, including particularly those supporting adult learning staff to travel abroad for learning experiences, through exchanges and various other professional experiences. Other larger scale initiatives involve, for instance, networking and partnerships between organisations in different countries.

The project aims to provide learning experiences and create a useful guide for people interested in online business. Activities provided lead to discovery and exploitation of European action models.
The project focuses on maximizing the transfer of knowledge and experiences, as well as identification tools and modern methods of access to the opportunities offered by the current technology. We aim to create useful supports for information usefull for persons in an impasse in terms of social or material  in order to create and manage their own vitual business type Consumer to Consumer. Activities will include training sessions, workshops, presentations and demonstrations held in each partner organization during the project.
E-learning courses will be hosted on educational platform MOODLE. They can be accessed without restrictions of time and space and will help improve computer skills and knowledge of those who want to go beyond and become self- entrepreneurs in cyberspace. The target group consists of: the unemployed, housewives, small craftmen , artists, amateurs, people endowed with artistic or creative abilities and those hwo activate in a creative industry. Training sessions and workshops have both methodological components and practical. Thus we combine theoretical presentations with discussions and demonstrations. All documents will be uploaded on the project web site so that they can be used both local and European level.

Click to Career Project follows European Lifelong Learning concept 
according to which the personal development is a must and can be achieved through education regardless of age.


Newsletter No 8

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24/07/2015 14:50

Newsletter No 7

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24/07/2015 12:57

Newsletter No 6

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24/07/2015 12:57

Newsletter no 5

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23/07/2015 12:36

Newsletter no. 4

Newsletter no. 4

01/09/2014 13:30

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